Procedure for the Jessup 2024

September 2023 - Selection procedure

The selection procedure takes place in September, is held exclusively in English, and consists of two parts: the writing of a short memorial and an oral pleading in front of a jury. All students who have submitted the memorial on time will be invited to this hearing.

  • Info event: 25 September 2023, 15:00, Sem 53 Juridicum. We recommend attending in person. If this is not possible, please register for the Zoom meeting by sending a short message to
  • Writing the memorial: From 25 September 18:00 to 28 September 9:00 am.

Following the info session, two short cases and a small selection of materials will be posted on our website ( at 18:00 pm. With the help of the materials, you will write a short draft memorial on a case of your choice, in which you will collect creative and convincing arguments to present at the oral selection hearing. The memorial does not have to be perfect but serves primarily as a tool for your preparation.

Deadline for submission of the memorial: 28 September 9:00 am.

All those who have submitted a memorial will be invited to the oral selection hearing on the following day. If possible, keep the following day free, as you will receive an exact time by e-mail to come to our seminar room. If you need another date, you can of course let us know.

  • Pleading: On 29 September 2023, specific time slots will be communicated by E-Mail.

Here you will present your arguments to a small panel so that we can get an impression of you as a speaker. The panel is made up of former participants, so don't be afraid - we've been through the same thing before. Finally, to get to know you personally, those candidates who fit into the most promising team constellations will be invited for a short, informal interview.

Winter semester 2023/24

From September to January, each team prepares two memorials in English for both the Applicant and Respondent states. The formal structure (table of contents, bibliography, determination of jurisdiction, questions of law posed to the International Court of Justice) is prescribed. In addition, each pleading must contain a brief description of the facts, the legal arguments and its summary. The space available for the legal arguments is limited.

January 2024

Deadline for the two memorials prepared by the teams. The memorials are sent to Washington D.C. to the organising office. From now on, the preparation phase for the oral pleadings in March and April begins.

Summer semester 2024

The team prepares for their pleadings. The students learn presentation and argumentation techniques. They will be actively supported by members of the Department of International Law as well as international law experts from different areas of practice. In March 2023, the Pre-Moot (European Friendly Rounds) will take place in Bratislava and finally, in April 2023, the Jessup International Rounds in Washington D.C.

For more information, see also the Jessup schedule: